Rosário Costa

Rosário Costa


Time in tech 16 years
Current role Cross-Media Designer & Front-end Developer @ Palo Alto
Place of origin Aveiro

Tell us more about you:

Early years and where you came from?

I have studied New Communication Technologies  in Aveiro University (96-2000). At that time, multimedia and transmedia were such a “brand new words and a new world”. We had no software like our days. Hypercard,  Macromedia Director where “amazing”. I discovered Macromedia Flash (3) and I started to learn by myself. At the same time, with some friends, we started to produce some tv spots for a  theatre company.

After finishing the degree, we decided to start our own company, called Dreamlab, I stayed there for a while, and then I move to a company called Palo Alto, where I still work on. Most of the first 10 years, I’ve been developing websites, from designing them and developing mainly with Flash/Actionsript. After “his death” I moved to other languages, such as JS / Jquery.

Parallel to my main activity, I’ve bee am also a multimedia trainer.

Another great passion that I have is cinema, so that´s why I use to attend workshops and I did some related courses in London and NY.

I am kind of Swiss army knife, I do UI/UX, front-end, motion graphics, editing and sometimes direct (short movies and even live events such as TedxAveiro).

Love history but passionate about innovation and new ideias! :)

What part of what you do, you love the most?

Combining different areas, design, programming and motion graphics!

How do you think that your background and knowledge impact the way you approach your work in the Portuguese tech industry?

For one hand, experience (As I used to say to my Irish front-end class students - the Portuguese saying: “too many years rolling chickens” ;) ), for other, always looking to learn new things, to create engaging experiences!

What advice do you have for young women that want to get into tech and don’t know where to start?

Nowadays it´s overwhelming the quantity of software’s, languages, frameworks… it can be frustrating, we could start to have an information/knowledge anxiety - as I usually have… Try to think about what you really enjoy the most: is ideating? is designing? managing projects? coding? It´s really hard to be and to do “everything”.

Research. Try. Ask. Know people. Share ideas. And work, work, work! But enjoy what you do!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“We go big, or we go home”.


What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere (or final cut), some coding editor (like dreamweaver, sublime text, edge code).

Anything else you want to share?

You need to get inspired! Get inspired by your surroundings. With details from your city, from other cultures and places. Go out! Attend many workshops, seminars, hackathons, etc. you can. Know new people! Get inspired by their experience, learn with them! Do exercise as well! You will need it, we spend too many hours sitting on a chair… Do volunteering! :)