Ana Sampaio

Ana Sampaio


Time in tech 5 years
Current role Software Engineer - UI @ Farfetch
Place of origin V. N. Famalicão

Tell us more about you:

Early years and where you came from?

Before joining the tech world, I studied Computer Science in University of Minho. On these early years I joint Geek Girls Dinners community (now Geek Girls Portugal). I was also part of Coder Dojo, teaching young teens how to code.

How were you introduced to the world of the Portuguese tech industry?

At “So You Think You Can Pitch”, an event that joins tech people in the workforce and amazing CEOs, I met a great set of revolutionary Portuguese tech companies and I even found a job! My participation in the competition got me into the tech industry for the first time.

Walk me through your work and what you are doing now in the tech industry.

Currently I work at Farfetch, an online platform for luxury fashion, aggregating the world’s best luxury boutiques and brands in one place. My job is building new features for Farfetch website, with particular focus on delivering the best user experience. I’m also part of 10web, a Portuguese podcast about technology and web development.

What part of what you do, you love the most?

Knowing that what I build is used by thousands of people every day is very challenging but rewarding at the same time. At work, I love discussing different solutions to a given problem. Usually, when there is more than one thinking head, the solution found is smarter.

How do you think that your background and knowledge impact the way you approach your work in the Portuguese tech industry?

Being aware of the gender gap that exists in all industries, I always try to speak up and sit at the table when decision time comes. I also encourage other women to do the same.

What advice do you have for young women that want to get into tech and don’t know where to start?

If you’re still a young teen, I suggest you to find a Coder Dojo nearby. For grown girls, you can start learning how to code with online videos and tutorials. Just start simple, and you will see the more you accomplish, the more exciting it gets! Joining a community such as Geek Girls, Geekettes, WordPress meetups… Is always a good ideia. You will find people with the same interests as you.

Walk me through a day in your life as a Portuguese woman in tech.

A regular day starts with me going work, attend meetings, code, learn something new and get into some difficult task I can’t figure it out until the next day. The day ends with exercising or reading a good book (usually not technology related).

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

From Sheryl Sandberg’s book, to ask myself: “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?”.

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

Text editors for coding (I change from time to time), Git, Slack, Calendar and Spotify.

Links that you want to share?

Farfetch website:

10web website: