Alexandra Silva

Alexandra Silva


Time in tech 11 years
Current role Business Intelligence & Analytics Consultant @ Celfinet
Place of origin Lisbon

Tell us more about you:

Early years and where you came from?

I’m from Lisbon, and all my life I lived there, with the exception of a period that I went work to Basel.

Since I was a little girl that I felt that the the “female roles and jobs” were not for me, and I always felt very curious about Tech. So I took Computer Sciences for Management, and after leaving college I started working in Business Intelligence Projects!


Walk me through your work and what you are doing now in the tech industry.

Currently I am using Business Intelligence and Analytics Models to help a Telco Costumer understands what’s happening with their Data Traffic, and by doing so, they can make business decisions and network improvements.


What part of what you do, you love the most?

Feeling that What I do can have a huge impact in all decision making, even the smallest ones!


How do you think that your background and knowledge impact the way you approach your work in the Portuguese tech industry?

It helped me to understand since the beginning that we have to “translate” what we do technically speaking, in a way that costumer and business users can understand. And this is a challenge because sometimes we feel like that we don’t have enough business knowledge to do so. But it is something that we learn with experience!


What advice do you have for young women that want to get into tech and don’t know where to start?

Well do what you love, don’t be afraid to feel different or less “girly”!

If you don’t do what we are passionate about, life will be awful, and no one deserves that!


Walk me through a day in your life as a Portuguese women in tech.

I wake up around 7am, and usually I am at work around 9am.

In the mornings I usually spend around 15 minutes to check and schedule my tasks for the day.

At lunch I usually like to walk a little, catch some sun.

At afternoons, I usually continue my tasks and meetings.

I don’t have an hour to come home, but I keep the goal to be home around 7pm.

At the end of the day I like to take some swimming or guitar classes!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Honesty and effort are the best qualities that you have. Never loose them!


What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

Spotify, Home Banking, Instagram, and Excel!